Ben Wade

A practising film-maker and photographer, Ben Wade is our video production learning advisor.  Ben arrived at Hull School of Art and Design as a technician in September 2012, moving into his current role only two months later.

He now teaches video editing techniques and software skills to photography, TV and film degree students, with a view to taking on increasing teaching responsibilities as he adds to his academic qualifications.

“I like to be thrown in at the deep end,” says Ben. “I’m constantly updating my skills using non-linear video-editing packages, including Adobe Creative Suite and specialising in Adobe Premier Pro.  I have to stay ahead of the game – students can look up so much on the internet but nothing compares to doing it yourself. I’m there to support them as they do that.”

Ben completed a BSc (Hons) in Film Production And Technology at Staffordshire University and has worked as a sound engineer in BBC Radio 4’s drama department in Manchester.

Inspired by the Renaissance period of art, Ben draws on this imagery in his film-making practice, which includes work with independent film-makers Berry Productions.

He provides the Hull-based company with practical sound production and post-production expertise and has contributed to a number of films, including The Reunion and The Field, which is currently at the production stage.

The following showreel highlights a wider range of Ben’s film-making and editing skills.

His freelance portfolio includes photography, film, sound and lighting for independent film-makers, SFX, marketing and graphic design corporate identity work for business and wedding photography.

Some examples of his candid wedding shots can be seen HERE:

Find Ben on Linked In; or follow his film and photography practice on Facebook.


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