Edward Webster

Photographer Edward Webster balances digital techniques with historic processes. The basic blueprint for his work and teaching stems from the assertion that photography is a tool that filters the world.

E Webster

So, he emphasises the importance of ethics in his art.

“It’s not just about teaching technique,” says Edward. “It’s about giving people the opportunity to view the world in a sensitive manner. That underpins everything we do here, as well as everything I do as a professional artist.”

Edward has taught at HSAD since 2002. He has a BA (Hons) in Photography from Blackpool and the Fylde University; and an MA in Contemporary Fine Art from Leeds Metropolitan University, where he developed his specialism in historic processes, including making a large home-built camera capable of producing 11inx14in negatives. This was used in his artist residency at Knaresborough Castle in 2005 and continuing work in Moravia, in the Czech Republic.

As a result of his research, he now specialises in cyanotype, mixed media, photomontage and portraiture.

He says:

“I came to academia as a mature student, having previously worked in the commercial photographic industry. The MA work led to artist’s residencies and exhibitions.”

His most recent gallery contribution was portraiture work at the Blueprint exhibition in at Studio Eleven, in Humber Street, Hull. http://www.studioeleven.co.uk/current-exhibitions.php

“The work I showed in Hull was four portraits of influential musicians – Jools Holland, Dweezil Zappa, Courtney Pine and ska trombone player Rico Rodriguez –shot on film and adapted.

“I mix media together using film, digital capture, scanners and process from the 1800s, such as cyanotype,” says Edward. “I make digital negatives and print from there. It all works together nicely.  The process excites me every time I see it – that word ‘magic’ often comes up.”

Edward also hosts regular workshops in cyanotype at Studio Eleven, saying: “I keep up with digital photography but now I can trace my photographic roots right back to the beginning.”

Previous work includes a Dada-esque photomontageanti-art” series of based on the Vanitas genre, called War, Knowledge, Science and Wealth.

He explains:

“For War, I took a line drawing of the original Little Boy atom bomb, mixed with an image of a pin-up girl, and sat it on a Van Gogh table; Knowledge is based on a 16th-century painting called The Ambassadors, in which I’ve replaced the famous oblique skull with a laptop and the two character with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates; for Wealth, I took Damien Hirst’s diamond skull, turned it upside down with Van Gogh’s flowers coming out of the top and put it through the cyanotype process.”

Ongoing research projects include themed portraiture work based around characters spotted in his home town of Knaresborough; and the delivery of talks at HE teaching and learning conferences; and theoretical research that goes hand in hand with his practice.

Edward also helps run a commercial studio www.hopewellstudios.com.

Nathan Pidd

Artistic photographer. Zombie designer. Graphic novel collaborator. Nathan Pidd is a wearer of many hats, both in his personal practice and in his roles at Hull School of Art and Design.

Nathan teaches photography and is our print room manager at Hull School Of Art And Design in Queens Gardens.

He is a practising photographer with a fine art background who runs his own business and works in collaboration with several other artists on games promotion, photography and poster design.

Nathan,  and fellow members of VIP Creative Hull – including an illustrator and a videographer – have worked with clients such as Game in St Stephens shopping centre. “It’s good fun,” says Nathan. “We did poster design, photography and video for the promotion of Call Of Duty and Resident Evil.”

Footage of VIP Creative’s Call Of Duty work can be seen HERE:

Other collaborations from the VIP camp include zombie apocalypse websites and a web-based series of graphic novels, called Atrum Dies.

“We’re in the early stages of working on a graphic novel. We’re hoping to bring first the book out later in 2013.”

Nathan’s practice with his own business, NSP Photography, – www.nspphotography – includes portraiture, weddings, commercial and product work. He is a member of the British Institute Of Professional Photography.

More of Nathan’s work can be found in his online portfolios here: [1] and here: [2] 

David Digby

Fractional Photography lecturer David Digby has a vast and versatile repertoire. A broad church of professional industry experience informs his teaching at Harrogate School of Art and Design.

In the early 1990s, David studied Photography at Harrogate, before completing his degree with Leeds Metropolitan University.


He worked with an advertising agency for 10 years, fulfilling photography and design briefs for retail clients that ranged from local businesses to blue chip multi-national companies. His varied list of agency clients included Morrisons, Safeway, Fenwicks, Richmond Ice Cream and industrial clients within the construction and insulation markets.


David acquired and developed his digital skills in the advertising industry and passes his expertise in Adobe packages such as Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign on to his Harrogate students.

“My interests lie in versatile adaptability of digital photography and imagery,” he says.  “I am also developing my fine art photographic practice, which is to become the focus of my MA studies in 2014. I am expanding the theoretical and research aspects of photography that I don’t get the chance to do as a practising professional. In addition to my commercial practice, I set myself projects every year. For example, I am currently working on a project using HDR to explore colour from a technical perspective“.


“The best thing about teaching is seeing a student who has previously struggled suddenly ‘get it’,” he says.

He has taught at Harrogate since 2007, when he also launched his own studio in Tadcaster, North Yorkshire. Through Newman Wraywww.newmanwray.co.uk David  provides commercial photography services for weddings, portraits and advertising; and web and print-based design services for national and local customers.


He attends commercial exhibitions and regularly works with North Yorkshire schools to deliver careers talks to pupils about his role as a photographer.

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