New Media Cluster – Staff

In Alphabetical Order:

SURNAME, FORENAME                                                     DEPARTMENT/ROLE

FIRBY, SALLY                                         New Media Lecturer

ECCLES, DAVE                                        New Media (Fractional)

GOODMAN, JACKIE                         Associate Dean & Course Leader Digital Media Journalism

LI, DOMANIC                                            Animation BA/Illustration BA/Foundation A&D

PIDD, NATHAN                                        Technician LBPM/Printmaking  technician

SLEIGHTHOLME, GARETH                 New Media Lecturer – Games & Animation

STARKEY, PAUL                                      New Media Lecturer & Learning Advisor – Games & Animation

TERRY, MARK                                         Lecturer New Media/LBPM

WHITTAKER, KEVIN                       PL New Media, Games Design, IMM, Digital Media Journalism, Web Design.

See sidebar for staff profiles divided by: Research Cluster, Campus etc.

Additional useful links for this area.

HSAD New Media Site – inc briefs/module descriptions/student info etc.

Best of New Media HSAD – a blog looking at current and past projects (many client or outward facing) created by New Media students.

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