Louise Lumsden

A passion for interior design coupled with an academic interest in creative teaching: Louise Lumsden has a well rounded approach to her subject, practice and teaching.

“Interior Design is a very visual subject,” she says. “It is very important to present visual stimuli and experiences to the students.”

After 15 years’ experience running a family building development company, Louise branched out into domestic interiors, and ran paint effect workshops from 2003 onwards.

“I have always had an interest in interiors,” she says. “I painted, created artefacts and ran my own workshops from the family business.”

Qualifications in Interior Design and Paint Effects from York’s Askham Bryan College followed and in 2008, she began lecturing at Harrogate School of Art and Design (HSAD). She now combines interior design commissions and practice with her teaching and research, and also has a degree in Professional Training and Development.

Louise’s MA in Higher Education Practice with the University of Huddersfield involves theoretical and practical applications of Creativity In Teaching. It is due for completion in 2013.

Of her MA studies, she says: “I am looking at the environment, the way our landscape shapes the way we see things – the multi-sensory experience. The way you learn is really important as it can stimulate the senses and promote learning.

“We want students to achieve and enjoy their experience. It is vital to present learning materials in an imaginative way to meet the needs of students and provide links with industry.

She takes her students to inspirational exhibitions such as the Surface Design Show in London.

“It is an opportunity to find out about new products, establish contacts and develop links with designers, manufacturers and suppliers,” she says. “The students return full of inspiration, enthusiasm and motivation.”

Louise keeps up-to-date with nationwide exhibitions, journals and e-journals to ensure her teaching and practice remains on-trend.

Thanks to her industry experience, she has a healthy book of contacts, which helps her to provide her students with varied live projects.


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