Nathan Pidd

Artistic photographer. Zombie designer. Graphic novel collaborator. Nathan Pidd is a wearer of many hats, both in his personal practice and in his roles at Hull School of Art and Design.

Nathan teaches photography and is our print room manager at Hull School Of Art And Design in Queens Gardens.

He is a practising photographer with a fine art background who runs his own business and works in collaboration with several other artists on games promotion, photography and poster design.

Nathan,  and fellow members of VIP Creative Hull – including an illustrator and a videographer – have worked with clients such as Game in St Stephens shopping centre. “It’s good fun,” says Nathan. “We did poster design, photography and video for the promotion of Call Of Duty and Resident Evil.”

Footage of VIP Creative’s Call Of Duty work can be seen HERE:

Other collaborations from the VIP camp include zombie apocalypse websites and a web-based series of graphic novels, called Atrum Dies.

“We’re in the early stages of working on a graphic novel. We’re hoping to bring first the book out later in 2013.”

Nathan’s practice with his own business, NSP Photography, – www.nspphotography – includes portraiture, weddings, commercial and product work. He is a member of the British Institute Of Professional Photography.

More of Nathan’s work can be found in his online portfolios here: [1] and here: [2] 

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