Annemarie Tickle

Annemarie Tickle is a lecturer in Textiles, specialising in print and surface pattern design. She is passionate about print in all its diverse forms, from visual arts to specialist textile techniques. She says she loves the hands-on approach, experimenting with the accidents that produce expressive outcomes, contrasting this with skilled control of the medium.


Apart from textiles, over her many years working at the faculty, she has been involved in many disciplines, including fine art, fashion and illustration.

With a BA in Fine Art, Annemarie’s approach to textiles is all about experimentation with techniques and processes. She gains great satisfaction passing on skills to students and seeing how they interpret them in their own unique way.


As a colourist she is fascinated with the alchemy of the dying process and is involved in researching and developing skills in this area.

blue orange and Circles

Working on her MA in Visual Arts, Annemarie is absorbed in the minimal landscape of the River Humber and  flat East Riding landscape. Intense areas of focus are the elements, atmosphere, light, and emotional response to sublime nature. This is fed by her craving to explore remote places.

“I look at a place and I see the beauty in it,” she says. “It’s about the power of nature, the atmospheric and capturing fleeting effects of the weather on the dominating sky. I work directly on location to capture my immediate reaction to the landscape.

Drawing Outside AMTickle1

“These responses are then translated using paint on canvas, digital drawing and, particularly, unconventional textile dyeing techniques.

“My research is all about skills. My heart is in getting my hands dirty.”

Annemarie’s work has been exhibited at Studio 11 in Hull’s emerging Humber Street creative quarter and in the Ferens Art Gallery’s Open Exhibition. She regularly runs specialist print workshops and summer schools, including open screen printing workshops at Studio 11. Visit for more details.


In her spare time Annemarie is an active and founder member of a Hull-based art group HU5, exhibiting with an eclectic mix of creative people living in her neighbourhood.  She also joins forces with and appears as a muse for photographic artist Anna Bean, inventing strange characters placed in extraordinary situations. This echoes her delight in anything kitsch, bizarre and surreal.

Annemarie’s blog Ethereal Glue offers an insight into her creative processes.


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