Chris Dimmack

Chris graduated from the University of Northumbria, where he won rare and prestigious Industrial Design awards from the Royal Society of the Arts and the Chartered Society of Designers. A PhD project is in the pipeline.
Whilst working with Alexander McQueen, Chris designed and fitted designer’s shops in Paris, created hermaphrodite mannequins for David Bowie and installations for venues such as the Biennale in Florence, or Cinecittà film studios in Rome and created a McQueen Christmas tree for the Louvre as part of ‘les sapins de noël des créateurs’. Chris’s design work for McQueen has graced the pages of Vogue – with campaigns such as Tag Heuer’s millennium campaign and a chainmail-suited Boris Becker. Chris is currently engaged in professional practice through architectural projects, graphic design work for a raft of blue-chip clients, film and industrial design.

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