Naomi Bolser

Naomi Bolser

Based in Harrogate, Naomi has an impressive career track record. She has been involved in the production of art video since the late 1980s; is dedicated to art education; and has been teaching since 2000.

Inspiring students is key to Naomi’s educational philosophy.

“In the past, my community work has taken video production to people who wouldn’t normally have access to it,” she says. “I worked with community groups and individuals to create videos about issues that were important to them.”

Naomi has created video art installations, backed by grants the Arts Council and South West Arts.

“I’m doing a practice-based PhD at Leeds University,” she says. “This involves researching and building archives of Women’s Independent Moving Image Practice – it’s about exploring art video and its context.”

Asking Is There a Tradition of Women’s Independent Moving Image Practice? Naomi’s PhD research focuses on women’s roles in avante garde, art and experimental production, within both the historical and contemporary contexts. She aims to re-examine non-mainstream productions in light of recent feminist scholarship; and to build a canon of women’s practice for exhibition, that will include her own work. Naomi Is working towards an international exhibition in 2015.

“One of the most important aspects of this process is how the discipline and rigour of studying for a PhD informs my teaching,” she says. “It’s been extremely beneficial.”

Her personal archive of work, including an award-winning MA Super 8 video project, Timepiece, will form part of the research.

Timepiece was picked by contemporary art directory, Axis, to be one of its “MA Stars” in 2005.

Danielle Treanor, of Axis, says on the organisation’s website: “She gently instigates a genuine interaction from the viewer. She expects us to confront that strange epistemic distance that ‘film’ creates between the material and the mind’s eye and in doing so cleverly calls into question innate consumerism and ready acceptance of a mass media memory machine.”

Naomi has a degree in Cultural Studies from North East London Polytechnic, an MA in Video from Middlesex University and an MA in Fine Art from Leeds University, where she specialised in digital and super 8 moving image production. A Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, in 2011 Naomi started a practice-based PhD at the Institute of Communication Studies, Leeds University.

Other works – Walk In The Park

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